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SMART Scratch repair

Unfortunately, eventually you will end up with a scratched car, maybe from a branch sticking out on a country lane, misjudging a wall or even a vandal keying your car. If you have scratch damage to your car's paintwork you have come to the right place, Mobile Bumper Repair offers an amazing paintwork scratch repair service - we can have your scratch damage fixed for a very reasonable price at your convenience.


There are many different ways for us to remove scratches on your car depending on the damaged area and how bad the scratch damage is. Sometimes with light scratches we can use our machine polishers and our special polish formulas to polish out the damage. At other times we need to mix the correct paint and spray the panel.


Industry products evolve and the old cellulose paints are no longer a product we are even allowed to use - we use the latest Lechler Hydrofan waterbased paint products to give an excellent colour match which are environmentally friendly.


SMART - Wall damage

Stone chip repair

Stone chips are the probably the most common cause of paint damage, especially for cars that do lots of motorway miles, and cars such as BMWs seem to be a magnet for them. Most people tend to overlook this kind of damage and just accept it as one of those things but having stone chips repaired with the correctly matched paint can make a huge difference to how your car looks especially on dark coloured paintwork where the light colour of the chip really stands out.

Vandal scratch repair

Unfortunately the other common cause of scratch damage is normally caused by vandals. We are approached by many people who have had their car keyed by vandals. These customer's cars could have had single or multiple scratched panels that need repairing. This kind of scratch is normally left on your car's rear wing, front or rear door panels and boot..


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SMART - Vandal damage

How we repair your scratch

Some SMART repair companys prefer to fill a scratch with body filler or gel, this is OK for a short term repair, but for a long term repair the scratch really needs to be totally sanded out, this is usually down to the primer or maybe down to the metal if the scratch is deep enough. We carry out our scratch repairs in this way because filler has a habit of expanding in the heat, IE the sun. This is the reason why our scratch repairs may be slightly more expensive than the other companys, but you can rest assure we provide a repair that will last the life of your vehicle!


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Mobile bumper repair carries out car bumper scuff and scratch repairs to the Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Skipton, Barnoldswick, Keighley, Bradford, Halifax, Earby, Clitheroe, Rossendale, Rawtenstall, Rochdale, Manchester, Altrincham, Cheadle, Hyde, Sale, Stretford, Carrington, Stockport, Eccles, Ashton, Longsight, Wilmslow, Walkden, Farnworth, Accrington, Blackburn, Bury, Burnley, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Preston, Colne, Bacup, Oldham and Bolton areas.


Below is a example of how a scratch should be repaired - Thanks to 3M